What is the difference between SEO and SEA?

When it comes to SEO, it is important to choose the right method to ensure a better positioning of your site on search engines. Thus, to optimize the effectiveness of a referencing, you have the choice between a free or paid referencing, i.e. between a SEO or SEA referencing.

What is SEO by the way?

Also known as a method for natural referencing, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to improve the positioning of a site or a web page on the Internet. It usually involves different steps such as listing on online directories, putting relevant keywords on the site, creating external links back to the page, but most of the time SEO optimization starts with the creation of web content. In order to ensure a better position on Google, it is crucial to publish rich and good quality content, because the more your site will be consulted, the more it will deserve the best positions in the search results. Thus, the steps for an SEO are generally free since you can do it yourself. You can also call upon a professional in the field to obtain a result that meets your expectations.

What is SEA?

If there is no miracle solution to improve the positioning of a site on search engines, there is however a more effective option that can guarantee you a better positioning on Google: SEA or Search Engine Advertising. This is a method of paid referencing that offers targeted traffic, thus guaranteeing a visible result. Indeed, SEA consists in buying advertising links that will be displayed below or next to the results on search engines. To be sure to appear on the first page of Google, the SEA is the ideal alternative. This formula is especially recommended for sites in the launch phase or sites that do not get enough traffic.

Between SEO and SEA, what to choose?

In the field of SEO, everything depends on your objectives and your budget. If your site generates little traffic and needs a boost to gain popularity, paid referencing or SEA is the solution to choose. However, you will need to spend a larger budget than if you were running an SEO campaign. If you want to acquire new customers without spending a huge amount of money on advertising, natural referencing or SEO is for you!
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