What are the missions of a SEO consultant ?

An SEO consultant or referrer has for first mission to optimize the natural referencing of websites by using various know-how. His job is to increase your web traffic by promoting positions in the results of search engines such as Bing or Google. His areas of expertise are multiple and SEO consultants each have their specialties.

SEO audit

The SEO consultant first performs a complete SEO audit of the website. This will serve as a basis for him to know the possible technical and semantic deficiencies that will have to be addressed before starting the SEO.

Study of the competition

Once the client has explained its needs and its sector of activity, the referrer carries out a market and competition study. This step will help him to know the difficulty of positioning and the strategy to be employed in order to find the best niches.

Search for keywords

Then, the SEO expert searches for the most relevant keywords and search terms that are most likely to bring quality web traffic generating a high conversion rate. They will be used to do the tagging and start structuring the content.

Semantic web content creation

The creation of content is a very important step that should not be neglected under any circumstances. The challenge for the SEO consultant will be to manage to produce enough text for Google while at the same time making it pleasant to read for Internet users. Once the content has been created, the SEO expert will work on the algorithmic semantics from Google's corpus.


Netlinking is the technique of creating external links or backlinks to referring domain names. It is a crucial stage of your referencing and the most perilous. The SEO consultant will have to establish a strategy to ensure the security of your SEO while boosting it. A bad choice and everything can collapse, hence the importance of choosing the expert able to make your project succeed and not ruin it.

Technical optimization

Finally, the SEO consultant carries out a technical optimization of the website in order to increase the speed of page loading. To do this, he may touch the codes, images and sometimes he will have to rebuild a section entirely.

What are his tools?

Dozens of tools exist according to the needs and the research in progress. There are some for netlinking, for traffic, keyword research, semantic studies, technical audits...

How to choose your SEO consultant?

As we said above, SEO consultants have their whole field of predilection. Some will have their strengths in netlinking, some in content, some will be developed and some will not. Still others will be gifted in images or marketing. Depending on the problems your site encounters as well as your sector of activity.

For an e-commerce

Indeed, if you have an e-commerce, design and vocabulary requirements will be a major constraint. It will also have to be able to technically optimize the structure of the site in order to ensure its adaptation to Mobil First. Also, its vocabulary will have to correspond to your brand image, whether for the product sheets or for the blog.

For a showcase site

If you are an artisan or a professional, content and work on the ux will be essential. Indeed, the referencing of showcase sites must have a strategy aimed at immediate conversion. The website must meet an immediate need without losing it in mounds of pages, links and information.

Choosing an SEO consultant or an agency?

The advantage of choosing an SEO consultant is that as a general rule, they will have only a few clients at a time and will go much deeper into the optimization of your website. An agency has at least ten sites per month to reference and often they also have to develop them.

Good to know:

To find the perfect professional for your needs, start by looking at their SEO and most importantly, the feedback they get on Google. If you are not used to SEO, you will have no way of knowing their real skills. Go and visit his site and above all, contact several of them without necessarily looking for one near your city. Indeed, web professionals work very easily and regularly at a distance, your only criteria should be your budget and its capabilities.
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