Software to reference a site on Google

While learning the basic rules of SEO is easy, getting satisfactory results quickly is not at all simple, especially if you have other competitors on the game. It is imperative that you use specific tools such as SEO software to work on your SEO.

What is the use of SEO software

We use SEO software to analyze the different keywords of your site and those used by your competitors, closely monitor the progress of your positioning, know the sources of backlinks used by your competitors, and also know how to play on the main keywords to integrate on your pages.

The software to reference a site on google

To start improving your SEO and expect concrete results, here are some free software you can use: - Web CEO: to choose keywords, analyze your site and monitor the evolution of your SEO. - SEM Rush: to partially analyze your site and that of your competitors (paid for Pro with better results) - Majestic SEO: to analyze your backlinks. -Ranking Reports : to analyze your backlinks, your positioning... - SEO Soft: a free positioning tracking software. - Alyze: a tool to measure keyword density.

Then the paid software :

- SEOmoz: a very powerful software, therefore reserved for professionals to track keywords and those of competitors. Note that this tool offers a free service called Open Site Explorer to track the position of competitors' sites. - Google Keywords Tools, Google Trends and Google Insights: to manage the evolution of searches for one or more keywords, and compare search volumes. - Google Page Speed: to analyze the download progress of your Pages. - Traffic Travis: also very powerful to analyze websites, to follow the positioning of the site, backlinks, errors committed during the optimization of the site. - RDDZ: a very fast "scrapping" software to automate your SEO work. - Traffic Analysis: to detect the keywords used by its competitors, and analyze the source keywords of your traffic. - Seo Powersuite : composed of a few tools to analyze a website: a tool that helps to choose keywords, a tool to track link exchanges with your partner sites and a tool to analyze your competitors' links. - Link Examiner : a freeware to check broken links and NoFollow links.
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