How to get indexed by Google?

For the creation of a site to have a positive impact on the company's turnover, it must be visible and attract a maximum number of Internet users. This cannot be done automatically, your site must be indexed in a search engine. In the case of Google, the most famous search engine, indexing is done in various ways.

Automatic indexing

On Google, there is a procedure that allows newly created sites to be indexed in searches. This is called automatic indexing. For this, the webmaster will not have to do anything. It is Google that will make a census of new sites and index them automatically in the searches of Internet users. But beware, it is not all sites that are listed. Only those with links are included in this census. Moreover, this indexing may take some time. Generally, it can take from one to eight weeks. So for those who want indexing immediately, it is preferable to consider another possibility.

Listing in reference directories

This technique is rather more complex, but it is very effective for new sites. The procedure is as follows: you must register your site (the link) in one of the SEO directories. This directory will publish your link on its site so that visitors can see it. Here the complexity lies in the registration to the directory. Indeed, it happens that the registration in the directory is refused by the Webmaster. You must therefore gather plausible arguments for your application for registration to be validated. For example, you can give as much information about your site as possible to the Webmaster and convince him or her that it is interesting.

The link exchange technique

This is the most common procedure in SEO. It is based on a partnership with several sites. The idea is to contact other webmasters of sites with the same theme as you or at least close enough.  You will then ask them to publish your link on their sites. In exchange, you will also publish their links in your site.  Discussions are done here by mail. In general, this technique is simple to achieve. Its only difficulty lies in the contact with webmasters, especially in the case of already famous sites. So, the best is to start the exchanges with sites not yet very famous. They are easier to solicit, but their sites must still be interesting.
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