Search Engine Optimization: an effective lever to increase its visibility on search engines

In a world where the digital age is taking off, everything tends to become dematerialized, including marketing. In order to make their names stand out on the web, many companies use the technique of natural referencing. But what does this practice really consist of and why adopt it?

SEO at the heart of digital marketing

In just a few years, the Internet has become much more than an information network and has become a real marketing tool. To make itself known and reach a wider audience, individuals and professionals alike are rushing towards this solution with an international reach. Digital marketing has also been strongly impacted by the advent of search engine optimization techniques. This has led to a race between website promoters to become THE most visited of all. The visibility of a website on the Internet depends on several criteria, including its optimization. The more a site is referenced, the better its chances of being placed in the best results of search engines. It is in this area that SEO finds its usefulness, since it can propel a site to the top of the list of search results. In order to guarantee a successful Google referencing, the interested party can entrust his project to a referencing agency. The latter will carry out an SEO audit, and make the necessary changes or improvements to boost the website's notoriety.

Using Google referencing to propel his company

The primary objective of SEO is to attract as many visitors as possible to a website. However, this is only possible if the website in question is visible to Internet users. When the site has a prominent place on Google, visitors will be able to access it easily. For a company, a good position is a major traffic acquisition channel, and a good opportunity to attract customers. The principle of SEO is based on an effective content strategy, a successful user experience and well-designed technical aspects. On the search engine side, search engines rank sites according to the information sent to them. It is then essential to create a site that is easily understandable by Google's ranking algorithms. In short, SEO referencing is essential if one wants to be positioned in the first results of Google. According to a study, sites placed in first position on the engines would collect more than 36% of clicks from Internet users. Those placed in second position collect only 33%, against 21% for those in third place.

The missions of an SEO consultant

A key player in the world of the web, the SEO consultant takes care of the proper form of a website in order to optimize it. The latter evaluates upstream the needs of his client, in order to offer him effective solutions in the optimization of his website. He also plays the role of adviser when necessary, and can suggest the creation or modification of elements intended to contribute to natural referencing. Whether it is a consultant or an SEO agency, the service providers work on a long term basis, and are responsible for monitoring the position of the site. These recommendations generally concern the on-page and off-page optimization of the site. This includes the writing of quality content, relevant titles and the choice of the right keywords. Finally, the SEO expert facilitates the recognition of the site by search engine robots by operating an effective technical formatting. Once these tasks have been completed, the professional carries out "reporting" missions to his client.
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What are the missions of a SEO consultant ?

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