Google referencing: what does it consist of?

In order to increase traffic on the site and improve its visibility to the public, it must be well referenced. Two choices are open to the site owner, either to list it naturally without paying or to use a paid Google listing. The latter is quite advantageous, but is still unknown to the public.

What is Google Adword?

For the number of visitors to a site to increase, it must appear in search engine results. In this respect, Google has set up a system allowing sites to appear in the first search page for a certain amount of money. Via Google Adword, site owners can now buy keywords to ensure that their sites have a good positioning. It is through the search engine that this purchase is made. For each theme, there are keywords for sale.

How does the purchase of keywords work?

When an Internet user types the keyword on Google, two lists appear. A list of sites referenced naturally and another list of those using paid referencing. Usually, only two or three sites appear in the list of sites that have been referenced via Google Adwords. This is due to the auction process introduced by Google in the referencing of sites. Indeed, the system is the same as in the stock market. It is the site that is ready to pay more that will benefit from the best position in the search results of the theme. Moreover, the keyword market is governed by the law of the market. The more the demands of site owners increase, the more expensive the place on Google is. It is therefore advantageous for sites with a monopoly in a domain.

Is this paid system advantageous?

The answer is yes, yes the paid referencing of Google is clearly more advantageous than natural referencing. Indeed, by using this type of referencing, the owner will no longer have any constraints in the writing of the content of the site. It is not demanding, everything passes from the moment you are ready to pay. Then, visibility is guaranteed until the end of the payment. The increase of the flow is felt from the first moments of the referencing. It is even recommended for new sites that are still in the launch phase. Finally, Google referencing is a godsend for merchant sites that are in the launch phase of their products. It already ensures them a customer base.
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