Website positioning on keywords: which tracking tool to choose?

Google is undoubtedly the most essential search engine in the Internet world. When you create your website, it is necessary to have the involvement of google for the natural referencing of your site. It is therefore advisable to use a positioning tool to track its positioning on google. And this is what we will see in this article.

Using Google Search console and Positeo for better search optimization

For the google position tracking of your site, it is interesting to use Google Search Console. Not only does it allows you to obtain information about your site, but also allows improving its SEO. Designed even for beginners, just make a registration by mentioning your domain name and you can fully enjoy the services offered. And above all, it is accessible for free. Via google Search Console, you can have the information of keywords that have produced a lot of traffic, know the requests used by Internet users to display your site, know the backlinks that lead back to your site and even have an idea of the ranking of your site on the net. In addition to this, to have an idea its google tracked, the positeo positioning tool proves to be essential too. It provides a quick check of your positioning on the many datacenters. Positeo makes it possible to analyze the audiences that have visited your site. It is very useful to use this tool to see duplicate content and to identify keywords on opposing sites. It is also useful to suggest keywords for a better positioning of your site on google. Faced with all this, it offers a free trial of 15 days. Then, this period passed, their service is accessible for a monthly payment and this according to your needs. Like Google Search Console, Positeo is designed not only for beginners, but also for confirmed users. If you are having trouble choosing a google ranking tracking tool, take a look at which one to choose

Semrush and Allorank for a better positioning of its site on the web

For the analysis of your competition and yourself, Semrush is undoubtedly the best tool to do so. It thus aims at a proven improvement of your site in terms of SEO. It offers many services including keyword searches, external links that refer to your site, evaluation of site content, real-time monitoring of positioning, and it is the same for the comparison of domain names used, monitoring of positions on social networks. It is especially aimed at SEOs and webmasters. Given its many services, it is only accessible via multiple subscriptions according to your choice. It is among the best positioning tools on google. What better than Allorank to track your positioning in google? All you have to do is create your account for a monthly subscription fee. You will have the choice between several offers with credits that will allow you to enjoy the various services. This tool offers you both a day to day follow-up of your site on search engines, complete statistical reports of your traffic, a dashboard and an online software for a better follow-up of your positioning on the web. It can be designed for both professionals and beginners. For the optimization of your site and to generate traffic, Allorank offers an analysis of the positioning of the opposing sites.

Monitorank as an SEO tool

To get the maximum audience on the web, why not use Monitorank? Indeed, Monitorank offers the possibility to track your site's position on the web. Thanks to a history and monitoring of what is happening on your site and that of your competitor, it allows the location and type of searches intended for your positioning on the web. Its services are accessible through monthly subscriptions that will allow you to create your account. This way you can enjoy the different services they offer, whether you are a beginner or a professional. With the collection of data, you can proceed to improve your site to increase your visitors.

Other free positioning tools: Free monitor for google, SEO soft, SEOSCOPE

For many domains, Free monitor for google, SEO soft, SEOSCOPE are all google position tracker. They are not difficult to handle and very practical for amateurs as well as professionals. They offer each in their own way, different parameters that offer google position analysis of your site. SEOSCOPE has for example a lot of notoriety in the field of web referencing. It offers unlimited follow-ups on several search engines at the same time, but is not only a google positioning tool. You can also proceed to the configuration of your search profiles. But as these tools are still accessible for free, we can expect the limitation of the services they offer.
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