The effectiveness of SEO to improve its positioning on search engines

Natural referencing or SEO, as a reminder, is a set of techniques necessary for the relevance and visibility of a website on search engines. There are more than a hundred criteria that Google's algorithms take into consideration to rank and position a site in the SERPs. To optimize a web page, SEO adjusts and modifies the levers around a set of keywords, with efficiency. Each criterion does not necessarily depend on the other. They must therefore be analyzed and reworked individually before obtaining a satisfactory result, i.e. first place in search engine results.

Optimizing the user experience

The website must remain fluid and fast, in addition to being intuitive and ergonomic so that the Internet user can feel comfortable while visiting it. Otherwise, the internal links of a page are an essential detail to have a better position. They allow visitors and Google to better assimilate and explore the architecture of the website. Thus, it is essential to properly structure your site to optimize the user experience. Also, it is absolutely necessary to improve the user experience. The importance of having web pages that are readable on all media and that load very quickly is crucial. One must not neglect the speed of loading your site. With a tenth of a second delay compared to competing sites, you can really lose a lot of space. Apart from that, using google position tracking tools allows you to know where you are with your website, compared to the competition.

The quality of backlinks

Apart from content, meta, Hn tags, and other criteria, the quality of backlinks plays a key role in Google's good positioning. In general, the sites that are in the top 10 of the search engine are those that have the most external links. quality. In this case, a netlinking strategy is necessary. The higher the quality of the backlink, the better we are judged by Google's algorithms. We must not forget to do a tracking of positioning to identify areas for improvement and the various optimizations that need to be made.

The originality and relevance of the content

Unlike paid search engine optimization, SEO is focused on the raw quality of the website. For example, thanks to the quality, originality and relevance of a web page, the latter can gain places on the SERPs in a natural way. But this is not enough, because there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. In order to have an optimal content strategy, the nature of its content, which is suitable for its target customers, must be defined. It is important to know that the objective is to respond precisely to the requests of Internet users, and to anticipate their needs. For example, we must know what they are looking for, and make sure they find the information on the website. In short, adapting one's site to the demand of an Internet user and answering their questions in a relevant way allows to get a good feedback and to climb in the Google ranking. This is achieved by gathering and structuring individual search terms and keywords. This in more generalized semantic fields where we find insightful terms related to the same themes according to the queries of Internet users.
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