The “web accessibility” toolbar and its advantages in SEO

Web accessibility has recently become an issue of concern for all actors of the web in general: search engines, browsers, webmasters. But also computer and operating system manufacturers and users. Internet Explorer is a major player in this system.

Internet Explorer: an accessible browser

Internet Explorer is an application delivered by computer giant Microsoft. It is one of the most widely used web browsers in the world. Internet Explorer is also part of one of the first web browsers used in computers together with Microsoft's operating systems. It has undergone several improvements since its creation to meet the needs of Internet users in terms of web security and accessibility. Recently criticized for its slowness, the browser has been further improved to compete with browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Chrome which are mainly available on Microsoft's Windows operating system itself.

Internet Explorer: the roles

The role of the browser in web accessibility is paramount. It is the first digital window to access web services before search engines. To do this, it must include certain functionalities that allow all individuals, including the disabled, to navigate and understand the contents of the web. As Microsoft's default browser, Internet Explorer also provides certain advantages such as accessibility to automatic and free updates. This allows users to go through manual update methods.

Internet Explorer: the advantages of web accessibility in SEO

Web accessibility through a web browser such as Internet Explorer can be enjoyed in different forms. One of its advantages is, for example, the browser's compatibility with the programming languages of web pages that are selected by search engines. The SEO which is especially dedicated to the optimization of the search on the internet. The latest version of Internet Explorer is rich enough to understand the layout of web content edited in several languages: HTML, CSS, XML, etc., which allows all sites to be accessible by Internet users. In addition to these advantages, a browser developed according to web accessibility standards makes it possible to make searches faster and lead to conclusive searches especially in terms of content: texts, images, videos, applications and online services.
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