SMO definition: Social Media Optimization

A site that is well positioned in search engines is a site that has a good natural referencing. Thus, all attention is turned directly to the rules of SEO. However, the latter, we often hear the word SMO for SEO. But what does it mean exactly? Can it be associated with SEO?

What does Social Media Optimization mean?

Social Media Optipization or SMO means Optimization for Social Media or social networks. This technique includes all the methods used to increase the visibility of a page and attract Internet users to visit it through social media for better natural referencing. Basically, it is a very effective way, which fits perfectly with the natural referencing of a website, also called SEO. It helps improve the marketing techniques to reach the targets. However, it differs from others by generating traffic from sources other than search engines, which is really a great opportunity not to be missed. Similarly, it is highly likely that the results will have a positive impact on the platform's positioning in search engines.

What are the advantages of the SMO?

First of all, the SMO makes it easier to disseminate content, to go around the world in a few minutes. For companies, this is a golden opportunity not to be missed, since it allows a brand or a brand name to be integrated more easily into social networks. However, the biggest flaw is that you have to accept criticism from others, because participating in these media means opening yourself up to the outside world. And an unsatisfied customer or someone who wants to damage your reputation can spread information that could cost the company a lot of money.

What are the principles of social media optimization?

The most common strategy is blogging. You should publish quality, relevant and information-rich content. In this technique, it is the blog that takes care of the publication. However, it is necessary to install additional tools to follow and centralize the discussions. Moreover, it would be necessary to think of making animations from time to time to encourage Internet users to participate. In addition, currently, we can cite 2 types of optimization: On the one hand, the actions focus on the site itself by adding other functionalities to simplify the diffusion and sharing as well as to quickly get the reactions of the Internet users-- On the other hand, the actions carried out are carried out outside the site to promote the page by publishing the contents in social media and by arousing the interest of the readers, in order to encourage them to respond to the comments.
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