How to create a low-cost website: how to do it?

Certainly, currently, no company can no longer do without the Internet. Obviously, the web has become a formidable lever of communication. The creation of a website is therefore unavoidable. But what are the solutions to optimize costs?

What are the different types of websites?

Websites can be classified into several categories, according to their purpose. First, there is the showcase site: it serves to present the company and its products. It improves the visibility of the company and reinforces digital communication. In short, it has an informative role and serves to enhance your image. Secondly, the e-commerce site: it is an online shop where you can display your products and services and sell them directly to Internet users. Payment is made online. Thirdly, the institutional site which contains all the information to be made known to the public: presentation of the organization of the company, description of the activity? The intranet site is a private site, accessible only to a restricted public. Only authorized persons can view the content. Finally the blog where you can publish content regularly and users can leave comments. There are other less common sites such as the community site, the collaborative site, the personal site and the portal. In any case, the choice depends on your objectives. For those who are looking for an original and fully customized site, they can turn to the custom site. The content, presentation and design will be chosen according to your needs. If you are looking for a specialist in website creation, go to

Can we create a website for free?

You don't know much about website creation? But you don't have enough budget to go through a professional? On several platforms, you can create your website without paying a penny. However, before launching, you must first set your objectives and determine the type of site to set up. Then, define your target audience before choosing the content. It is essential to publish regularly to be well referenced by Google. You can for example use CMS or Content Management System. The service is free. The catch? Most sites are slow. To remedy this, reduce the number of pluggins. Also, to limit the attacks, you must make regular updates. Beware! Domain name and hosting will be charged. The turnkey formula, on the other hand, allows you to better control your budget. The principle is simple: you create a website based on the latest technologies. The offers can be adapted to your needs in return for a monthly payment. Even if many software and editors allow you to create websites in a few minutes and for free, it would be preferable to hire a professional to manage your project from A to Z. He is able to adapt the site according to your expectations and your means. To save money, it is better to entrust the project to him from the start. A ready-made formula has many advantages.

Why hire a web agency?

Despite the free solutions, the use of a web agency is highly recommended to create a professional website. But why should you hire a web agency? Because the result is not comparable. Here are a few good reasons why managers choose to opt for a ready-made formula: A personalized accompaniment: the company that will be in charge of your project will be your ally. It will help you define your objectives and choose the type of site to set up. A site optimized for Internet users and search engines: the professional will work on natural referencing from the design of the site. This will allow you to attract more quality traffic from the outset and improve your visibility on the web A custom design: you may require a design that suits your business and reflects your company's values. The objective? A harmonious appearance capable of seducing Internet users. In addition, a careful design will give you more credibility in the eyes of your partners. Nevertheless, it is a rather complex task that requires a good knowledge in the field A quality web experience: the web agency will also make sure to guarantee an unequalled experience to the Internet users. To do this, it will study the ergonomics of the site, the fluidity of navigation, accessibility... Professional content: image, video, or text, all these elements will be put online only after your validation. In short, it's an investment that's well worth it because the returns will be quick and will have a positive impact on the company's turnover and reputation.

Which web agency to choose?

Word-of-mouth is certainly the safest way to find a qualified and reliable company. However, you can also search the search engines to find a provider specialized in web design. However, not all agencies are the same. To benefit from a quality service, take the time to inform yourself about the professional of your choice: Experience: has the agency been working in the sector for several years? Has it already dealt with cases similar to yours? Size: for a small structure with a reduced budget, it would be more judicious to turn to small agencies Reputation: take a tour of the web to find out about the seriousness and professionalism of a web agency Creations: take a look at the website creator's portfolio and list all the clients with whom he has already collaborated. Is his previous work to your liking? And the price: it can vary from simple to triple depending on the agency. The following elements will have an impact on the price of the website creation: the type of website to realize, the competence of the provider, the design, the content and the other options (hosting, follow-up and maintenance...).
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