How can you improve your AdWords conversion rate?

To improve the conversion rate through paid referencing, it is possible to use the Adwords conversion tracking tool. By launching a Google Adwords campaign, you can considerably increase the number of visitors to the referenced site. Through this guide, discover tips to improve the conversion rate. In particular, the areas where you should focus your efforts to optimize the conversion rate.

How to determine conversion objectives?

The first step in increasing conversion rates with paid referencing is to know the performance of the campaigns. When undertaking an ATS service, conversion tracking can be configured. If, according to a Disrupt Advertsing estimate, only 57.7% of AdWords account holders have set up conversion tracking, this means that the remaining 42.3% are not able to significantly assert the success of their advertising campaigns. Conversion tracking has a real advantage in a paid search engine optimization campaign, as it allows the performance of ads, ad groups and campaigns to be analyzed. In addition, the service simplifies the search for ROI in each investment while facilitating the analysis of the number of conversions achieved. To improve an Adwords conversion, is using an AdWords Expert the best solution?

Improving quality scores to increase conversion with Google AdWords

The efforts undertaken to improve the quality level of Google Adwords allow to have an important impact on the conversion rate by reducing the cost per click of the paid referencing campaign. In this way, one can reach a wider audience with a reasonable budget. The other measure to optimize the quality level is to improve the quality of the advertising experience to be delivered. This can be achieved by optimizing the quality and setting up relevant ads by organizing groups of ads, improving the design of the site, adjusting the types of keyword matches, etc...

How to succeed in landing page optimization?

During an SEA campaign, it is essential to design a quality landing page. An advertising campaign with Google AdWords makes it possible to attract more Internet users to the referenced page. If the page does not make conversion easier, the site owner risks losing potential customers. Remember that a landing page capable of making a high conversion must be relevant, attractive, with intuitive navigation. It is important that the content of the pages corresponds to the information present in the ads. To increase the conversion rate, it will be necessary to live up to consumers' expectations. If your company needs an Adwords consultant, we recommend that you contact us for more information on our services and rates.
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