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It is obvious that in order to acquire qualified traffic and to optimize your activity on the web, improving your digital visibility is a must. However, getting a place in the top 10 search engines is far from being easy as this position is highly coveted and therefore extremely competitive. Having said that, an advanced knowledge of SEO is required so that a website can meet the ranking criteria of Google's algorithm. We will therefore be interested in the following on the various SEO techniques to be used to generate targeted traffic to your website.

Keywords chosen wisely promote good SEO

Acquiring traffic and optimizing your activity on the web can never be done without the best keywords, which will of course be the core of your SEO strategy. The targeting of keywords appears in this case as one of the pillars of the referencing of each page of your website. Note that this choice must be made strategically and requires a lot of work and investment. But once this technique is developed, it is possible for you to quickly recoup this investment by increasing the level of traffic. There are generally two categories of keywords, namely generic keywords which are the most competitive because they are often searched for by Internet users and specific keywords or long trains which are composed of more than 2 words and precisely express the needs of Internet users. Unlike generic keywords, specific keywords are more precise and can be easily implemented. But in all cases, you must ensure that your keywords can accommodate the theme of your site. And above all, take the time to evaluate them rigorously so that they can perfect your SEO strategy. The best way to do this is to seek the tailor-made support of a specialised web agency such as www.pumpup.fr.

Optimization of the content as well as the site in question

In order for the algorithm of search engines such as Google to give priority to your website, you need to make sure that it is full of value-added content. Just like keywords, the development of your editorial content can in no way leave room for improvisation. It should be noted that your content will specify to search engines the subject matter of each page of your site. Be careful, however, because due to its artificial intelligence, each search engine is able to detect very low quality or fraudulent content. In this case, your site should only contain unique and rigorously optimized content. This step requires real editorial skills to be permanently displayed on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page) results. Knowing that search engines do not read your content like humans, you must help them to do so without any problems by optimizing each HTML code of your pages: Hn tags, title tag, meta-description tag, urls, etc. At the same time, you also have to make sure that your site is well cared for and can be adapted to different browsing devices (computer, digital tablet and smartphone) so that all Internet users can consult it easily. You should also pay attention to the loading time of all pages in order to guarantee your visitors an optimized digital experience. In order for these SEO techniques to boost your digital performance, you might as well collaborate with a seo agency or why not a web marketing coach.

Rely on the redundancy of external links pointing to your pages or backlinks

According to Google, when a site is cited by others through external links or "backlinks", this is synonymous with performance and quality. As a result, it will not hesitate to favour this kind of site. It is normal in this case if this method contributes greatly to the improvement of your inbound marketing, but also to your notoriety and e-reputation. Therefore, in order for it to bear fruit, you must make sure that the targeted sites enjoy a certain e-reputation and have a theme related to your activity. What's more, these sites must also have inbound and outbound links. However, this technique should be used with care so that Google does not consider it to be overprotimisation and so that your activity does not come close to "spam". Therefore, you might as well play the card of caution by requesting the expertise of a certified google partner agency. The latter can guide you to the best technique for obtaining links such as "linkbaiting" whose goal is to allow you to attract backlinks naturally through relevant content and the "link ninja" which is to develop your own backlinks.

The little extra that will improve your SEO: paid referencing

If you have a freshly created site, paid referencing proves to be an interesting alternative. More concretely, the effects of this lever are felt immediately, i.e. after its implementation. As long as you pay the expected amount when Internet users click on your sponsored ad (CPC or Cost Per Click), Google will continue to position your site at the top of SERP results, more precisely above the organic results that are part of natural referencing. However, your position depends mainly on the quality of your ads as well as your website. Because this technique is very easy to set up, you can use it while waiting for your SEO to be perfected. For this, you must call upon a sea agency. N.B. Apart from all these SEO techniques, you must also make sure that you are active on social networks. Then, adding an up-to-date blog can be the cream of your SEO strategy.
SMO definition: Social Media Optimization
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