Smart SEO Marketing

Free site referencing

A free SEO service can reference a website automatically. Submission for a site is done by filling out a form and entering the site URL and keywords like in the case of The free referencing tool allows the site to be indexed quickly in search engines and online directories.


Natural referencing is to improve the ranking of a site in search engine results. Nearly 75% of Internet users who wish to buy a product or pay for a service start by consulting search engines. By improving the referencing of your site, you increase your turnover. The best way to reference your website effectively is to optimize the content of the web page by focusing on specific keywords.

What is the role of SEO agencies?

SEO services let site owners to focus on their task and hand over the optimization of their site to experts in the field.

SEO services are ideal for all that have a website and want to improve their visibility. While web agencies are responsible for creating websites, SEOs manage a site’s visibility in search engines page ranking. They follow Google’s instructions or bypass the restrictions to boost a site visibility.

Increase the visibility VISIBILITY ON GOOGLE

First, you need to submit your website to Google to improve your business’s visibility. You must submit your site’s url to automated search engines. Search engines scan the web to collect and index information from the hundreds of millions of web pages being created daily. While a search engine does the indexing automatically, you can customize the search by indexing your site yourself and submit a request to Google. There are several ways to optimize your pages’ SEO. Also, according to marketing experts, you can increase your visibility and traffic on your website by using social media as well as choosing the right keywords.


Before starting indexing and referencing a website, it is essential to create the portal to be referenced. To do so, one must choose among Internet hosting services.

Referencing techniques

Several SEO techniques can boost your site positioning and ranking in Google. Relevant content, coherent sites architecture, keyword referencing strategies or the addition of links pointing to your site will improve its visibility.

SEO for better marketing

SEO is an effective sales strategy. It increases the visibility of your site, boost its positioning in search engines, and increase your turnover. Free or paid referencing are two distinct approaches.


Sites optimized for mobile browsing (tablet or smartphones) increase the number of visitors. Search engines promote sites optimized for mobile. This practice increases the SEO strategy effectiveness


Indexing is a term that relates to the action of a web crawler that scan sites and indexes their content. The web crawler indexes a site by visiting it, copying its content and storing it in its server for later processing and indexing by a search engine.

Website optimization


To put all chances on your side and stand out from your competitors, make sure to check key points that determine your ranking. Your page title is important It’s the first thing that internet users will see.


Google Premium agency

The Google Partner badge shows that specific Partners have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge. The highest level an agency can achieve is Premier Partner, a designation reserved for only a small fraction of all Google Partners. In order to qualify as a Premier Partner, an agency must continuously meet Google’s requirements in three areas: certification, ad spend, and performance